Chad copyThis is the home of romantic, sexy, spanking cowboys, those handsome horse-riding heroes. A place to learn about new books, read sexy sizzling excerpts, and lose ourselves for a while.

Cowboys After Dark. How much fun it was to write those stories. Twelve in all, and I almost made it a Baker’s Dozen. Perhaps I still might, but my imagination has taken me down another road, an old road, a dusty road. A series set in those exciting, volatile and pioneering days of the west, and it’s aptly named, Wild West Cowboys.

To commemorate the occasion I decided to start this blog. All authors and books are welcome. I’ll do my best to accommodate anyone who would like to swing by and post their sexy cowboy book. The kind we all love to drool over!

When I have the time, I’ll be adding bits and pieces as the spirit moves me. So come on over and sit a spell, let me know what you’d like to see, and anything else cowboy that takes your fancy.

Feel free to email me at MagCarpenter@yahoo.com.



4 thoughts on “WELCOME !

    • Thanks, Rachel. It was a last minute add. I was having trouble with the first one I chose. Isn’t it funny how that happens? Same thing with Reforming Jane. That cover was a frantic, last minute pick, and received a great response. Really happy to you stopped by. Thank you.


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