Saturday Spankings: 12/31/2016: RHETT’S REVENGE: #SatSpanks #SpankingCowboys #Historical Romance #ASMSGerotica



There is no better way to ring in 2017 than with a




(Slightly Edited To Fit The Eight Line Rule)

His punishing palm cut her off, landing with a hot slap in the center of her bottom, quickly followed by a second and a third, and as the spanking continued, though she wailed and kicked and carried on, her protestations fell on deaf ears. Only when her bottom was scarlet did he stop, then pulling her into his arms, he held her on his lap, doing his best to comfort her as he listened to her whimpers.


“Kate, that man is pure evil,” he said warmly, “you gotta see that. I didn’t spank you hard cos I’m angry, though I am, I’m real angry, I spanked you hard cos you need to see sense, and cos you lied to your pa and to me and you snuck around. For that you needed to be punished, and punished good. You understand?”

“Uh-huh,” she sniffled, “you’re right. I wasn’t thinking, and I’m sorry. Can I go home now?”

Whether it was something in her voice, or his instinct, Rhett didn’t believe her. Had the man turned her head so badly that even after a sound spanking she was able to lie to his face? He hoped he was wrong but he couldn’t take the chance.

“You need to sit a spell and think,” he said softly, “so I’m gonna put you in a cell while I fetch your pa, and I’ll leave a note for Sheriff Brady so he’ll understand why you’re here if he gets back before I do.”

~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~

That’s it folks! If you want to find out what happens to the head-strong Katherine, 


when she meets the vile villain, Nate,


how her courageous cowboy becomes her hunky hero,


and what Bruiser the dog does to help, one click your copy today.


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Thanks for stopping by. Have a blast for New Years, and I hope you’ll swing by the other contributors to this weeks hop, the last of 2016!.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings: 12/31/2016: RHETT’S REVENGE: #SatSpanks #SpankingCowboys #Historical Romance #ASMSGerotica

    • Thanks, Leigh. Hope you have a super New Year and a great 2017. Just read your snippet but couldn’t find a place to post my comment. It’s super. I could see the scene so clearly. What a lucky girl to have a hero there to rescue her.


  1. Hi! I’m filling in for Kathryn as host of SatSpanks again! Oh! I wonder what Katie’s Pa is going to think when he sees her in a jail cell!


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