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(Slightly Edited To Fit The Eight Line Rule)

His punishing palm cut her off, landing with a hot slap in the center of her bottom, quickly followed by a second and a third, and as the spanking continued, though she wailed and kicked and carried on, her protestations fell on deaf ears. Only when her bottom was scarlet did he stop, then pulling her into his arms, he held her on his lap, doing his best to comfort her as he listened to her whimpers.


“Kate, that man is pure evil,” he said warmly, “you gotta see that. I didn’t spank you hard cos I’m angry, though I am, I’m real angry, I spanked you hard cos you need to see sense, and cos you lied to your pa and to me and you snuck around. For that you needed to be punished, and punished good. You understand?”

“Uh-huh,” she sniffled, “you’re right. I wasn’t thinking, and I’m sorry. Can I go home now?”

Whether it was something in her voice, or his instinct, Rhett didn’t believe her. Had the man turned her head so badly that even after a sound spanking she was able to lie to his face? He hoped he was wrong but he couldn’t take the chance.

“You need to sit a spell and think,” he said softly, “so I’m gonna put you in a cell while I fetch your pa, and I’ll leave a note for Sheriff Brady so he’ll understand why you’re here if he gets back before I do.”

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That’s it folks! If you want to find out what happens to the head-strong Katherine, 


when she meets the vile villain, Nate,


how her courageous cowboy becomes her hunky hero,


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RHETT’S REVENGE: Wild West Cowboys:2 #Spanking #Cowboys #Historical Romance



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Deputy Sheriff Rhett Cooper is heartbroken when Katherine Foster, the young lady he has been courting, falls prey to the scheming of a rich, dapper con man. Though he takes the impetuous girl over his knee and spanks her bare bottom soundly, his strict chastisement and stern warnings do not dissuade her, and she runs off to San Francisco in the scoundrel’s company.

When Katherine finally returns home six months later, arriving in town in a fancy carriage with the arrogant, smooth-talking rogue at her side, it quickly becomes apparent that she is quite ill. Rhett soon learns foul play was involved, and he sets out to rescue the woman he loves and bring to justice the man who hurt her.

In spite of Rhett’s demand that she leave the matter to him, as soon she regains her health Katherine puts herself in jeopardy yet again by attempting her own revenge. Determined to rein her in, Rhett punishes Katherine thoroughly and then claims her properly, and soon their passion for one another is burning hotter than ever before. But even if he manages to keep his woman under control, can a small-town lawman win a battle of wits with a clever, ruthless criminal?


(Slightly edited to fit the eight line rule).

As if propelled by a life of its own, Rhett’s fist suddenly blazed through the air, landing in the man’s gut and sending him toppling to the floor.

“Rhett, what have you done?” Katherine gasped, “why did you do that?”

“I’ve just saved your sorry butt,” he declared, then deftly lifting her off her feet, he threw her over his shoulder.

“Put me down, put me down!” she howled as her legs kicked and her fists pounded his back, “how dare you?”

“You’re bein’ foolish, and you may not want me anymore, but you sure as heck aren’t gonna be takin’ off with some fancy man you don’t know.”

“I hate you, I hate you!” she screamed as he marched from the hotel and across the street to the sheriff’s office.

“Yep, I guess that’s true, but it ain’t gonna stop me spankin’ some sense into your butt. Now stop your squirmin’ and squawkin’ cos it ain’t gonna help.”

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TUCKER’S JUSTICE – A Steamy, Suspenseful, Rockin’ Ride! #Smexy, #Spanking

I’m so excited about this book. It was written during a tumultuous time, and was not just a place to which I could escape, but the dramas unfolding around me revealed a darker side I didn’t know I had.

Tucker is not just a romantic, take-charge cowboy, he’s a tough, no-holds barred man who will fight his enemies with whatever it takes to defeat them. His gun. his fists, any weapon at hand…and his brilliant cunning.





When hardened gunslinger Tucker Prescott is tasked with bringing law and order back to a town overrun by a gang of criminals, he quickly realizes that his biggest challenge won’t be the villainous McGill brothers. The one who will truly put him to the test is Dolly Baker, the beautiful, feisty twenty-two-year-old daughter of the man who hired him.

From the moment she barges into his cabin uninvited, Tucker knows Dolly is going to be trouble, and it isn’t long before she tests his patience one time too many and earns herself a sound spanking. The embarrassing chastisement gets her attention, but it will take quite a bit more than a few smacks on the bottom to teach her obedience, and the more he sees of Dolly, the more Tucker is forced to admit that he would love to be the man to properly tame her.

Tucker didn’t come to Spring Junction to keep a woman in line, however, he came to deal with the McGill brothers and their gang. He has a plan to do just that, but it will depend on his quick wits as much as his quick draw, and despite his best efforts Tucker can’t get Dolly off his mind. Can he bring the outlaws to justice and make her his bride before she drives him to distraction?

(Publisher’s Note: Tucker’s Justice is an erotic romance novel that includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book).


Sensing eyes on her, Dolly turned her head; she was too late. Tucker was next to her horse and launching himself up. In a flash he was sitting behind her and his arms were around her body, his hands jerking the reins from hers; it had happened in seconds.

“Tucker, please, I can explain,” she protested as he turned the horse around.

“Not interested,” he declared, lowering his lips to her ear. “Save your breath, you’re gonna need it.”

Though he wished he could gallop out-of-town, the last thing he wanted was to draw attention, so he pushed the mare into an easy trot, keeping an even pace until he’d reached the end of the street, then he moved the mare into a canter. It was a short ride to the cabin, but he continued on to the barn. Jumping off, he opened the doors and led the horse inside, where a worried Dolly slid from the saddle, a chill shivering through her as she stared into Tucker’s angry eyes.

“Tucker, please let me—”

“Hobble your lip, girl,” he snapped, throwing her the reins.

Stepping to a nearby post, he lifted a lantern off its hook, and grateful the striking sticks were in a bag next to it, he lit the wick.

His voice had been harsh, and she stood silently watching as he closed the barn door, then pulled off the horse’s saddle. As he took back the reins and led her horse into a large closed-off area filled with straw, she searched her mind, hoping to find the words that might appease him.

“If you’re wonderin’ why I brought us in here,” he said, throwing her mare some hay, “it’s because it’s likely I’m gonna have some uninvited guests. If they show up I’m hopin’ they’ll head on back to town when they find the place empty, but if they take it into their heads to check out this barn, we’re hiding under the straw behind your horse. Got it?”

“I don’t understand,” she frowned. “Why would anyone come here?”

“’Cos there was trouble tonight, and Patty McGill might wanna see if your father has a guest in his empty cabin, that’s why.”

“What sort of trouble?”

“That can wait until after I spank your ass.”

“What? No!”

“I made it real clear! Stay away from here and from the town!” Tucker exclaimed, suddenly lunging forward and grabbing her wrist. “You’re gonna learn to listen to me!”

“No! Please! Let me explain!”

“There ain’t nothin’ you can say that’ll get you outta this,” he said gruffly. “Sometimes I shoot first, and tonight I’m gonna spank first, then you can do your explainin’.”

“Tucker, please,” she pleaded, “please don’t.”

He didn’t respond. Dragging her across the barn to a bale of hay, he dropped down and yanked her across his lap, but to his dismay he discovered her skirt wasn’t a regular skirt; it was a split skirt.

“Damn it to hell,” he cursed, “you’re lucky we’re not outside. I’d find myself a real hard stick to spank you over these pants you’re wearin’.”

“Please, let me go, you don’t understand,” she begged, trying to squirm away. “Just let me explain.”

“You can explain after I whack your butt,” he barked, placing his leg over the backs of hers. “Right now I’m gonna spank you good, and next time you think about goin’ against what I say, maybe you’ll think twice.”

She continued to protest, but raising his hand, he brought it down with a strong smack, immediately following it with another, and then another, rapidly moving his flattened palm from cheek to cheek. Her yowl of pain told him her split skirt wasn’t providing as much protection he’d thought it might, and he continued to land his hot hand with slap after slap, covering every inch of her backside. Her yelps and howls grew louder, and increasing the force and tempo, he delivered a flurry of strong, stinging smacks to the center of her bottom.

“Owww, owww, please,” she wailed. “No more! My bottom is burning!”
He believed her. The spanking had been forceful, and though covered with material, he had no doubt her bottom was on fire.

She’d been fervently wriggling, so he paused to let her catch her breath, planning on finishing with several more hard swats as he scolded her, but the sound of horses’ hooves snatched his attention.

“Dagnabbit,” he muttered, pulling away his leg. “Get up and go join your mare.”

Grabbing her bottom, rubbing it and whimpering as she hurried away, she climbed through the planks of wood rather than open the gate, and moving around her horse to the corner, she gingerly slid down.





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Kelly Dawson ~ THE CODE OF THE WEST ~ #Spanking #Cowboys

Thrilled to have Kiwi author and her super sexy book,


A headstrong sassy young woman meets a  trail master who has no qualms about showing her exactly who’s in charge!

The Code of the West cover



In the years since the tragic death of her parents, Jedda-Lyn Cross has given everything she has to keep the family ranch running. She has grown accustomed to getting no help at all from her alcoholic brother, but when his violent, sadistic friend tries to make Jedda his wife against her will, it is the last straw.

Her attacker is the son of the richest family in town, and with the corrupt sheriff ready to do his bidding Jedda is desperate to leave town in a hurry. With no money and no horse, her best chance of making her escape comes in the form of a soon-to-be-departing cattle drive led by the famous trail boss Wes Jordan. But a young woman has little hope of gaining employment on a cattle drive, so drastic measures will be required…

Wes is none too pleased when he discovers that the new drover he hired is actually a beautiful twenty-two-year-old woman disguised as a boy, but after hearing Jedda’s story he promises to protect her. As he quickly realizes, however, that will be easier said than done. Jedda is sassy, headstrong, and in serious need of a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking, and when her reckless disregard for her own safety finally pushes him too far, Wes takes her firmly in hand.

After a painful, humiliating punishment from the handsome trail boss, Jedda is left with her bottom burning and her mind set awhirl. In spite of everything, she aches for Wes to take her in his arms, and when at last he does the pleasure of his skillful, passionate lovemaking nearly takes her breath away. But with her obsessed former suitor and his hired guns still after her, can she bring herself to accept the fact that, for a man like Wes, risking his life to protect the woman he loves is just part of what it means to live by the code of the west.

Publisher’s Note: The Code of the West is an erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


“I’m not a child!” she protested.
“No,” Mr Jordan agreed, sliding down off his gelding. “I wouldn’t do to a child what I’m about to do to you. What were you thinking? There’s no doctor within 200 miles – you could have been killed!”
“But I wasn’t,” she pointed out. “We were fine.”
She watched in morbid fascination as Mr Jordan took off his gun belt, draping it over the saddle of his horse. Then he rolled up his sleeves to the elbows to expose corded, muscular forearms. He was really going to do it! There were no wooden spoons out here – was he just going to use his hand? The thought intrigued her. She took in his sheer size, his incredible strength, his powerful muscles, his well-toned body. She took note of his huge, calloused hands. She gulped. Somehow, she didn’t think Mr Jordan would need anything other than the palm of his hand to ignite a fire in her backside.
“I gave you an order,” he told her sternly, but so quietly that she could barely hear him.
“I’m not much good at taking orders.” She waved her hand dismissively. “It was just me and Neil for a long time. I’m not used to being obedient.”
“Well you’re about to learn.”



Are you like any of your heroines?
Parts of me are, yes. But mostly, my heroines are a mix of myself, people I know, and the completely made-up.
How many books have you written? Are they all spanking fiction?
I have 6 books published now, heaps that are in various stages of progress, and heaps more ideas swirling around in my head. No, they’re not all spanking fiction, but they’re all romance. Although it will be a while before something that isn’t spanking fiction will be published.

Do you have a specific writing style?
I thought I did, but it turns out that no, I don’t. The way I write, the topics I choose … they’re constantly changing and developing. That’s a good thing, right?

Do you see writing as a career?
Absolutely! It doesn’t pay very much yet, but I’m hopeful that it will, one day. Being a writer is what I’ve always wanted to do, so this opportunity is a dream come true for me.

What is the best thing you have done in your life?
Marrying my wonderful husband and having my 4 beautiful children. They are what makes my life worth living.

Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours
I have Tourette’s Syndrome. So while the strange things I do aren’t exactly habits, it looks like they are. Other than my visible tics, I have to peg all my washing on the line using colour-co-ordinated pegs, and things must be hung up a certain way. If anyone helps me hang out the washing it drives me insane, because I’m going along after them, “fixing” it all LOL.

Have you ever had the feeling you were being watched?
All the time! Not so much since we’ve been in this house, but I swear a previous house we lived in was haunted. I felt like there was always something looking over my shoulder. It was horrid!

What’s your favorite material object that you already own?
My laptop. I would be lost without it.

If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why?
Washing dishes. Self-explanatory really! – I hate washing dishes – they’re never ending!

Tea or coffee?
Coffee. Vanilla latte, preferably.

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The Code of the West is a standalone sequel to The Ways of the West (Note: You do not need to read The Ways of the West to enjoy The Code of the West; they are standalone books)

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‘Claimed On The Frontier’ ~ #Spanking #Cowboys #Historical Romance

I’m delighted to share with you one very sexy, very determined cowboy, and the woman who tests his masculine mettle. A riveting historical romance from Jane Henry.



Pearl has fended for herself since she was orphaned at a young age, but on the night she meets Aaron Stanley her life is thrown into chaos. The handsome pioneer and his brothers are headed west to stake their claim on the frontier, and when an unfortunate turn of events leaves Pearl without a roof over her head it is Aaron who comes to her rescue, offering to bring her along provided that she agrees to mind him.
As they begin their journey, Pearl soon discovers that Aaron is a force to be reckoned with. Though he quickly proves more than willing to take her over his knee for a sound spanking when her behavior warrants it, she is drawn to his stern, uncompromising dominance, and when circumstances force them into a hasty marriage she is happy to promise him her obedience.

Despite her headstrong nature, Pearl finds herself submitting willingly to her new husband’s mastery of her body. But even as their passion blossoms into love, Aaron is determined to be as firm as necessary to keep his bride safe in a hard, dangerous land. Can their bond survive the harsh realities of life on the frontier?

Publisher’s Note: Claimed on the Frontier is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


“Obeyin’ me is a wise choice.”

“Pearl,” he said, warning.
“No,” I said stubbornly.
What would he do, then? Pick me up and carry me to the wagon? Let him then! I would not go willingly. I hated falling asleep and being woken up, and the little rest seemed to stoke my fire and make me more ornery than ever. I didn’t know what I expected him to do. Raise his voice, maybe. Physically bring me to bed himself? Leave me to grouse by the fire?
I felt his hand on my chin, as he turned me to look at him. I was frowning, my eyes still blurry from sleep, and I avoided his eyes. But he placed a finger under my chin, lifting my face, and I couldn’t help but look at him. His honey-colored eyes were fierce, and my bravado failed me.
“Brave girl,” he murmured. “Comes with strangers to an unknown land, and plows her way through. Risks everything at a chance at a new life.” I swallowed as he continued, his finger still under my chin, my eyes trained on his. His voice hardened. “And now you defy me, knowin’ you risk a thrashin’.”
I trembled, but though I did fear him, I also felt a twinge of something different, and primal. Here I was in the presence of a sturdy man, one who would not harm me in any way but rather do the opposite – dedicate himself to making sure I was safe, and well cared for. He would not allow me to sabotage myself, but decidedly ensure my obedience.
He leaned closer to me, so close his breath brushed my ear as he whispered. “Will you obey me, or must I aid you with the flat of my palm against your backside?”
I knew then that he would aid my obedience and I wouldn’t sit pretty for some time. I felt stripped of my annoyance.
“I’ll obey you, sir,” I whispered. He pulled back just a little, enough so that his eyes met mine, probing, and his lips were so close to mine, I felt as if it was his own breath I inhaled. He drew me to him, his hand pressed to the small of my back just seconds before his lips met mine. The sensation was quite different from anything I’d ever expected. My hips bucked, and he pulled me to standing so that he towered over me, his strong hands grasping my waist, holding me so that I felt his flank against my front. The heat of his lips was on mine, and I felt a pulsing throb between my legs as one of his hands grazed the front of my dress. It was scandalous, what we were doing, but in the moment I did not care.
He finally pulled away. He leaned in and whispered in my ear.
“Obeyin’ me is a wise choice,” he said, but then what he said next brought warmth to my cheeks and to my limbs. His voice was a husky whisper. “I only have so much self-control, Pearl. I’ve exercised it in one area. If I were to take you across my knee, I’m not sure I’d have any self-control left to give.”
He spun me around and I squealed as his hand smacked my bottom, a farewell swat that renewed the flush in my cheeks.
He only had so much self-control…
Then my attraction to Aaron was not one-sided.

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About Jane Henry

Jane has been writing since her early teens, dabbling in short stories and poetry. When she married and began having children, her pen was laid to rest for several years, until the National Novel Writing Challenge (NaNoWriMo) in 2010 awakened in her the desire to write again. That year, she wrote her first novel, and has been writing ever since. With a houseful of children, she finds time to write in the early hours of the morning, squirreled away with a laptop, blanket, and cup of hot coffee. Years ago, she heard the wise advice, “Write the book you want to read,” and has taken it to heart. She sincerely hopes you also enjoy the books she likes to read.

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Chad copyThis is the home of romantic, sexy, spanking cowboys, those handsome horse-riding heroes. A place to learn about new books, read sexy sizzling excerpts, and lose ourselves for a while.

Cowboys After Dark. How much fun it was to write those stories. Twelve in all, and I almost made it a Baker’s Dozen. Perhaps I still might, but my imagination has taken me down another road, an old road, a dusty road. A series set in those exciting, volatile and pioneering days of the west, and it’s aptly named, Wild West Cowboys.

To commemorate the occasion I decided to start this blog. All authors and books are welcome. I’ll do my best to accommodate anyone who would like to swing by and post their sexy cowboy book. The kind we all love to drool over!

When I have the time, I’ll be adding bits and pieces as the spirit moves me. So come on over and sit a spell, let me know what you’d like to see, and anything else cowboy that takes your fancy.

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